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Wheat Harvest

Wheat Harvest

I’m a transplant from Kansas- otherwise known as the sunflower state. Kansas is also known for their waving fields of golden wheat out on those wide-open prairies. As I drove down the lane early one morning, I couldn’t help but stop at the wheat field and capture the beauty of the freshly cut wheat and the new bales that dotted the landscape. The picture just didn’t do it justice, but this scene took me back to my roots.

My dad baled the large round hay bales for the cows, and we loves it when they stacked rows and rows of round bales along the dirt road behind our house. We spent hours running and jumping on those bales, challenging ourselves to see how far we could jump! It was a highlight when friends came over. After all, how many town kids had that luxury in their backyard? We didn’t need cell phones, Play Station, or social media to keep us ‘busy’. All we needed was some bright sunshine, fresh air, and freedom to run and jump as we pleased. Yes, we were tired and hot, and the smell of fresh cut hay lingered on our clothes.

Sometimes I really wonder how advantageous our tech world is to us! Of course, we wouldn’t want to do without those conveniences now, but I’m thankful that I got to grow up knowing how to create our own fun with the resources that we had available- even if it was just a row of hay bales!


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