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Natalie | The HomesteadNatalie Allen

Natalie has spent her whole life living in different areas of Indiana. She was home-schooled, and has always enjoyed living in the Midwest with its unpredictable weather and friendly people! Natalie finds joy in the simple things of life such as coffee, books, blankets, movies, music, and time spent with her family.

Natalie always enjoyed visiting the Homestead as a customer and so after high school, she applied here! As we have felt so blessed to have her on our team, she has felt blessed to work for and with such lovely people. And she loves the great food! Her position here is a deli girl- and that is way more complicated than it sounds.

Natalie loves to travel, but hasn’t had many opportunities to yet. She’s keeping her life pretty open to dreams and opportunities that the Lord may bring her way. Natalie loves to sing and occasionally we’ll find her talking to herself around here. We just smile and nod.

Natalie’s gets her inspiration from her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She has had the opportunity to counsel at two different Bible camps- one in the winter and one in the summer. One of the things she’s loved and appreciated about working at the Homestead is that we have encouraged and supported her in this.


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