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Larissa Bahler

Larissa grew up alongside her sisters and cousins, and loved every minute of it. She fondly remembers days of walking rafters in the barn, playing with paper girl dolls, playing “American Idol”, riding (very unsafe) go-karts, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers, making cat houses (which the cats never stayed in), bouncing on pogo sticks, playing Freddy Fish, playing ‘bank’, treating the treadmill as a shoot-off, and so much more. While those days of carefreeness and mindless creativity have passed, Larissa still enjoys being creative and still loves being outside. She has simply channeled that childhood creativity into a passion for marketing and graphic design.

In the summer of 2015, Larissa had just finished high school and was wondering what to do with herself; what could possibly the ‘perfect’ job for her? (Is there really such a thing?) She was thinking she would attain a general business degree at the nearby community college, and somehow use it to help the Homestead. Her parents, Mike and Jody, started the Homestead in 2010 and she had been working there since. When autumn rolled around, Larissa felt very unsettled about pursuing business and not having a clear direction with how she was going to use the degree. A few days before class started she talked with a friend studying graphic design, and realized that was exactly what she wanted to do! She quickly switched her classes and has been loving it ever since.

Larissa pretty much helps out here however she’s needed. She has worked a lot in the deli and at the cash registers, but has also spent a lot of time in the kitchen, making quick breads and side salads and such. She now works one day a week in the deli, and occasionally works as kitchen staff on Saturdays. Otherwise, she works at our WestClay location two days a week and keeps up with marketing and graphic design on top of that.

Larissa defines herself first and foremost as a Christ-follower. While there are so many people that inspire her in so many different ways, her ultimate example, comforter, and admonisher is Jesus.

You may not know that Larissa has a side business with a friend, the same friend who inspired her to pursue graphic design. Their business is called East to West Studio, and they make wedding invitations, logos, business cards, and such. She has had so much fun doing it!

Larissa feels blessed to have had experienced many opportunities in her lifetime. She is so thankful for the opportunity to live on a farm and experience the many blessings it brings. She also feels blessed to have a ‘second home’ in the Kansas country, having made many memories there at her grandparents’ home with her cousins. She’s had the opportunity to live in Indy for a year with a family as well. As much as she loves being home and being with family, it was wonderful for her to experience that new kind of independence. And on top of all these, she loves the opportunity to travel in their church’s young group and to make new friendships (and keep old ones!) along the way.


Marketing Manager
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