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Kara Luck

Kara, our Fundraising Coordinator, was born and raised in Rensselaer, Indiana. She has very fond memories of growing up in the country with her brother and sister. There was always something to do- whether it was riding the four-wheeler, working in the garden with her mom, swimming, playing basketball, etc.

Kara is an Indiana girl at heart who loves her family and loves to shop! She has two daughters, Grace and Aubrie. Between church, school, and sports, they are constantly on the go. Kara loves spending time with her family and friends whether it be vacationing, playdates, or watching her daughters play ball. As long as everyone is together, it doesn’t really matter what they’re doing. She recently moved to the country with her husband and girls, and they are loving being able to enjoy fresh air and let the girls run around.

Kara considers it a true blessing to become part of the Homestead team in August of 2014. She was a stay-at-home mom with her daughters for seven years. Her youngest was getting old enough to enjoy being at daycare and socializing with other children, and Kara wanted an opportunity to get out of the house but part-time only. She discovered a Facebook post about a Deli Manager position that was available. She called and spoke with Jody, and the rest is history! She has thoroughly enjoyed her time here. As she said, “God has blessed me with a fun job, a selfless boss, and co-workers that have become family to me.” We couldn’t be happier that she came to work here!

Kara started here as Deli Manager, but is now the Fundraising Coordinator. She is currently in charge of revamping Homestead’s fundraising program. We offer 6″ pies, cookie dough, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and Homestead jams. Kara is the one to talk to if you need help raising money for your organization!

Without a doubt, Kara considers her parents her biggest inspiration. They of course gave her life and she wouldn’t be here today without them, but it’s what they’ve done since she was born that makes them so special. Looking back on her childhood, Kara realizes she never lacked a thing, materialistically or emotionally. Her parents were always there when she needed them, no matter what. Their selfless love for her siblings and I (and grandkids) is noticed in everything they do, even to this day 34 years later. Kara looks up to them and models her marriage and parenting skills after them. They will be celebrating their 49th anniversary in July.

Kara is proud to call herself a Purdue Boilermaker. She graduated from Purdue University in 2005 with a degree in Elementary Education. She taught second grade at Rensselaer for two years before she decided to stay home with her children. She loves her daughters, as she and her husband Michael were blessed with two healthy, loving, ornery red-heads. They keep them very busy, but Kara is so enjoying this time with them while they are little!


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