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Apple Pear Praline Pie

September 8, 2017 Written By sfpadmin

Apple Pear Praline Pie

Anyone else really loving this fall weather?! I am, and decided to make a pie to celebrate. It doesn’t include pumpkin (sorry, folks!) but it DOES include pecans, apples, pears, and caramel. It doesn’t get much more fall-ish than that, if I do say so myself! The aromas are unbeatable, too. But…the great news? It’s actually really simple! So if pies tend to scare you away, WAIT!! Try this one out; I think you’ll change your mind.

When I served this to our family at home (with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course), the pie got great reviews and one of my sisters said, “If there could be a taste for fall, this would be it.” So for you fellow fall-lovers (um, everyone?!) this is for you. Enjoy, and we’d love to know how it goes for you in the comments below. Prepare for your taste buds to have a party!

It is essential to gather all the needed ingredients before beginning this recipe. It’s best to use tarter apples and of course, ripe pears!

Mix the crust dough together… It’s a super easy one, no worries!

The crust should be soft to the touch (bounce back) but not be sticky.

Roll the pie crust out to about a 9-inch diameter.

Pat the crust into your pie pan and pinch the edges to your desired effect.

Be sure and peel all the skins off the apples.

This is a picture of all the peelings of the apples/pears… just in case you needed a visual. :)

You’re not the only one who leaves a disaster in the kitchen! Oh, and here’s a picture of the apple/pear mixture just about ready to get mixed into all the yummy stuff.

Dishes on dishes on dishes (sigh)

Checking on the pie! Don’t worry if some of the apples/pears are getting a little toasty on top, it honestly tastes amazing!

This is what your pie should pretty much look like after it’s been baking awhile.

After the pie is done, drizzle your homemade caramel sauce over it- can’t go wrong with that!

Sprinkle crushed pecans on top as a garnish after the caramel sauce.

The finished pie! Be sure and let it cool enough so that it’s warm, and serve with vanilla ice cream!

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