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Puppies At The Bahler Farm

Puppies at the Bahler Farm

Once again, our momma dog, Asher, blessed us with a set of puppies! Just to give you a little history on this beloved dog of ours, Asher was found roaming the country-side near our area, probably around 5 years ago. She didn’t have a collar and she didn’t appear to have a home, so our uncle asked us if we wanted to adopt it. We hadn’t had a family dog in awhile, so we agreed to keep her.


Fun Fact: Without checking the gender, we actually just assumed our new dog was a boy (remember, we were a house full of young girls! Ha!) and so we named it Asher. He was a great dog, very loyal, and our family quickly fell in love with him. Well, about a year later, Asher started disappearing for long periods of time, and we started wondering what was up. And one day, dad announced that our boy-dog Asher had just had a little puppy! We were SO ecstatic! We also quickly realized that Asher was actually a girl (haha!). We didn’t even know who the dad was (and still don’t to this day- yikes), as we let Asher go wherever she chooses. We hear they can roam for miles to find mates, but we’ve never followed her. All we know is- she’s always returned! 🙂 Asher just had one puppy that first time, which was really rather odd, and we named her Lily. Lily is now our second family dog and we love her to death!


Since that fun encounter, Asher has had pretty much two litters of pups every year… match that, moms! 🙂 It’s kind of insane. But she makes an excellent mother, and we have always been able to find homes for the pups! Asher and the father (whoever he is) tend to make ADORABLE puppies that are usually very mild in nature! Here’s another fun fact for you: Whenever Asher has puppies, she never lets Lily near. Lily (a very curious and energetic dog) always sits at least 15 feet from where the puppies are and never steps one foot closer. It’s really kind of neat to think that dogs do communicate sometimes! 🙂


This litter of puppies were born at the beginning of April, and there are 6 of them. They are the most precious things ever! In these pictures, they are about 3 weeks old.

Below is a picture from one of Asher’s previous litters. He now is a big, huge, bushy dog living at a happy home in Ohio! They named him Ranger.

The next two photos are of Asher’s very first puppy, Lily. Lily is kind of a favorite of ours, and has razor-sharp ability when it comes to catching food!

This last photo is a previous litter that Asher had. Our question: how can a black dog have snow-white pups? They’re sure cute!


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  1. We moved to Remington last summer to be near family. Our daughter just turned 6 and looks like the time has come for a puppy. Reading your blog, it sounded like Asher and Lily are wonderful family pets. Just curious if you are selling or adopting them out? Please let us know. Thank you! Brett & Mindy Collins

    1. Hey Brett!

      We don’t charge for them, we just like for them to go to great homes. 🙂 While they are all spoken for, several are undecided still. If you are interested, please text/call (219) 863-1204 and we can keep you updated if one becomes available!


  2. Hi. My name is Debbi and I am a nurse at University Place in West Lafayette. If you ever need to find a home for a puppy please contact me as I would gladly provide a loving home to one. Personal and vet references can be provided.

    1. Hi Deb!

      Thanks for reaching out- we will definitely keep that in mind if there are future litters. 🙂 We love knowing that our puppies will be well cared-for!

  3. We too would be interested in a puppy from a future litter! All of our dogs have come to us in the same manner as Asher or have been adopted from families who could no longer keep them. Please keep us in mind for a female puppy – we have plenty of room for them to play and would be happy to provide references.

    1. Hi, Joy! We will definitely keep you in mind for future litters 🙂 Thanks for letting us know!

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