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How We Use Our Two-Week Break

How We Use Our Two-Week Break

How We Use Our Two- Week Break

As you may notice, each year the Homestead, located in Remington, shuts down for just two weeks (West Lafayette location, only one week) over Christmas and the New Year. We take this time to reflect, organize, clean, paint, etc. Things that just can not be done while we’re open for business. While this might seem like a time where we can just relax and enjoy these two weeks of break, behind the scenes, we don’t stop.

This break is important to us each year as we use it for many different reasons. For one, it is always good to get a break from the busy life that comes before and during the Christmas season. Other than that, we use this time to update inventory, pitch and sort through everything, clearance Christmas foods, repaint, GIVE THE PLACE A GOOD CLEANING, restock, reflect on the past year, review positive changes for the New Year, plan, update our recipe books, and most importantly enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

We look forward to serving you in the New Year and hope to make this one even better than the past eight. We thank you for your business and hope you continue to choose us for your needs! Here’s to 2019!

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