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Come For Lunch!

Quality deli meat and cheese make a GREAT sandwich! We choose to offer Troyer Cheese products in our stores! Take a peek into our customer coolers and you will find ready-made pre-pack containers of shaved deli meats and sliced cheeses. Troyer prides themselves in the quality whole-muscle meat products. Bring the troops for lunch in our quaint dine-in eating areas, and enjoy one of our popular toasted sandwiches!

We Offer Quality Meats & Cheeses

Troyer Cheese is located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Jonas Troyer, the founder, was a young Amish man who fell in love with an English lady when he was 20. He bought a station wagon, and sold locally-made cheese out of the back of that. Today, fifty-five years later, Troyer cheese offers a full line of premium Troyer deli and retail cheese and meats which they distribute to stores across 48 states.  Their pride and quality are reflected in their products, which we offer here at Homestead! 

Meet Lisa, our Remington Deli & Kitchen Manager

Lisa joined our Homestead Team before opening day in 2010! She has worked in various capacities here through the years. She is currently our deli & kitchen manager in our Remington location. Lisa and her husband John along with their children, live in the Remington area. Lisa’s joy for the Lord and her cheerful countenance when serving others, is very evident. We appreciate all that she does to keep up with many moving parts!

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