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Catering Services

Our committed catering team will be happy to fill your needs, no matter how large or small your group! Let us lighten your next event by taking care of the work for you. To ensure that your event is one that your guests will remember, we offer carry-out catering, or delivery upon request- and have a menu full of customer favorites!

Due to limited space in our West Lafayette location, our catering team works exclusively out of our Remington location. We apologize that catered meals cannot be picked up at The Homestead in West Lafayette. However, we are happy to offer delivery service directly to your location or venue of choice in the Greater Lafayette area and beyond. We look forward to making your next catered event a memorable one!

Homestead's Catering Menu Download

We enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any order cancelled within 24 hours of service is subject to a $50 service charge at the time of cancellation.

Meet Casondra, our Catering Manager

Casondra has been a valuable part of our Homestead team for several years. She began her career with The Homestead in our West Lafayette location serving our customers there, but later transferred to Remington where she lives with her husband Justin and children. Casondra’s cheerful countenance was a blessing as she served others in our deli department. In February 2020, Casondra moved into our catering department and took the role of our catering manager. She tag-teams with a great small group of gals who work hard preparing meals (from scratch) in our catering prep kitchen. If you have a need for any size catered meal, give Casondra a call on her direct line (219) 208-1462, and she’ll be happy to assist you.

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Catering Blog Posts

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Jackie, Kara, and Jody attended the Business Expo in Lafayette yesterday- April 18th. It was a fun day! Homestead and Copper Moon kicked off the day by sponsoring coffee and some of our favorite pastry’s- cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones, and…

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