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Homestead Open House

Homestead Open House in Review

Remington's Homestead Open House in Review Eight years, can you believe it? We sure can't! As we celebrated our Homestead Open House at our Remington location this past weekend, we can't help but remember that eight years ago we were turning that closed sign on our door to open for the very first time. We were nervous as ever. Mom had come in to work early that first day to whip out homemade cinnamon rolls before the day began. We remember it so clearly. Eight years, two locations, three buildings, and many, many changes later, we look back on it…

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Events At The Homestead

Events at the Homestead

We are so excited to be introducing Events at the Homestead! Read on to learn more about this, and to view our upcoming Summer events.   When you visit the Homestead, you quickly realize that it is a bustling place! Wonderful things like scones and cookies being baked, homemade casseroles being made, a gift shop full of items to choose for your home or to give as gifts, bulk food items like spices and candies to add to your basket, a place to enjoy a bowl of soup and incredible sandwich with a friend… not to mention that you can…

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Puppies at the Bahler Farm

Once again, our momma dog, Asher, blessed us with a set of puppies! Just to give you a little history on this beloved dog of ours, Asher was found roaming the country-side near our area, probably around 5 years ago. She didn't have a collar and she didn't appear to have a home, so our uncle asked us if we wanted to adopt it. We hadn't had a family dog in awhile, so we agreed to keep her.   Fun Fact: Without checking the gender, we actually just assumed our new dog was a boy (remember, we were a house…

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2018 Business Expo

Jackie, Kara, and Jody attended the Business Expo in Lafayette yesterday- April 18th. It was a fun day! Homestead and Copper Moon kicked off the day by sponsoring coffee and some of our favorite pastry's- cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones, and coconut cream scones- for all of the vendors! It was a great day of networking with many area businesses, as well as the general public. Our booth was a hot spot, with so many things to sample! Who needed lunch!?! We focused on Homestead's catering services, and look forward to servicing many of you soon! We held hourly gift drawings,…

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Remington Open House

Remington’s 8th Anniversary Open House

Time flies! It's hard to believe that Remington will be celebrating it's 8-year open house on Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th 2018. Be sure to mark your calendars! We will keep our normal hours: 9:00-5:00 EST on Friday, and 9:00-2:00 EST on Saturday. We're definitely celebrating our anniversary, but mostly we're celebrating you, our loyal customers! We appreciate each and every one of you, and want to thank you by offering a few specials on Friday & Saturday. Read on! :) On Friday, our lunch special (served 11-3:00) will be: Smoked Prime Rib Burgers/Bun, Chips, and a Fountain…

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Journal & Courier Featured Article

The Homestead Puts Down Roots in West Lafayette WEST LAFAYETTE — Jody Bahler and her husband, Mike, opened The Homestead in Remington in 2010. In October, the couple opened a second location in West Lafayette at 1185 Sagamore Parkway. The Homestead is a multifaceted business organized around one core concept: good food. Both locations offer a wide selection of jams, pickled relishes, baked goods and a full-service lunch counter. The store also sells homemade frozen quiches, casseroles and pies. “We make everything from scratch so the consumer just buys it, thaws it and makes it,” Bahler said. A spinach and bacon quiche…

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Opening West Lafayette

In April 2017, during our 7-year Anniversary Open House, Paul and Linda Widmer approached us about an available lease they owned in Bell Plaza, West Lafayette. It was the former Baker's Peak (which had a reputation for great cakes!) and they asked the Homestead if we would be interested in occupying that open space. At the time, we had a retail location open in Carmel, Indianapolis in the Village of WestClay. We were also in the middle of remodeling our "Cafe building" (the old cafe building across the Homestead parking lot) which we turned into a production kitchen, storage, and…

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A Tribute to our Cleaners

As you know, cleaning can be a thankless job, especially here at the Homestead. It takes about two hours to clean up the day's messes, and one day later it's messy again! We are incredibly thankful for the many hours our cleaners spend making this place shine, between broom-sweeping the floor, emptying trashes, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping rugs, washing windows, mopping floors, and wiping down appliances. All the work often goes unnoticed, but if it were to get forgotten, well, that would certainly get noticed right away! Our cleaners come in at the end of the day, after almost everyone has…

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