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What Makes Homestead’s Catering so Unique?

October 12, 2021 Written By sfpadmin

What Makes Homestead’s Catering so Unique?

Something you may not know is that before Mike & Jody even thought about opening the Homestead, Jody had a dream to own her own catering business. She did it occasionally for a few friends just out of her home, and loved it. While starting the Homestead in 2010 wasn’t necessarily a result of Jody’s dream, she made sure catering became a part of the Homestead story, and today it is an essential part of who we are. We set ourselves to high standards of excellence, and we’ve rounded up just a few reasons how we achieve this in our catering department. Read on!

We smoke our own meats.

Smoking meat in the smoker takes time. Most restaurants and establishments simply do not have time, but we make time. Our pulled pork is made from quality meats and is perfected with each and every batch. The pork is smoked for 9 hours, then we remove the fat and shred it. We add a small amount of homemade BBQ sauce, because that is all it needs (extra upon request).

We offer pans of our pulled pork in our customer freezer for your convenience. They are also available in smaller portions in Vac Pac bags, plain or with sauce. Our homemade BBQ sauce is available by the bottle.

Another great choice is the Pork Loin with our mustard/brown sugar rub. First, we inject the pork loin with apple juice and then add the rub. We put it in the smoker for an hour and a half, and slice. We also offer Chicken Thighs and Smoked Ground Prime Rib Patties (1/2 lb prime meat) and a variety of other dishes.

Grilled Citrus Chicken Breast

We make unique, fresh salads.

We make our salads with only the freshest ingredients and serve them with our own tried & true homemade dressings. Choose from our Strawberry Lettuce Salad, Snicker Apple Salad, Garden Pasta Salad, and more!

Along with salads, we offer homemade soups, sandwich trays, boxed lunches, breakfast and dinner casseroles, hot sides, and homemade fresh dinner rolls.

Download a catering menu

We can whip up some crazy-delicious desserts.

Seriously, though! We have a lot of experience making down-home delicious desserts that have been our go-to recipes for years. We can delight your crowd with rich chocolate dishes, light fruity dishes, or just good old-fashioned bars.

Homestead Catering:

From company lunches to large wedding receptions!

Our qualified catering department would delight in serving you. In choosing Homestead to cater your event, you can be confident that you will be receiving a quality, delicious meal that your guests will be raving about for days. Our catering department is based in Remington, Indiana, but we offer delivery to surrounding areas including Lafayette and West Lafayette.

Homestead catering serves Lafayette, West Lafayette, & Remington Indiana and surrounding communities.

Contact us:

(219) 208-1462


(219) 208-1462

Download our catering menu!


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