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How to end the daily “What is for dinner?” stress with frozen, ready to heat, Homestead meals delivered by Market Wagon to Indianapolis and surrounding area

January 26, 2022 Written By sfpadmin

How to end the daily “What is for dinner?” stress with frozen, ready to heat, Homestead meals delivered by Market Wagon to Indianapolis and surrounding area

“What is for dinner?” Such every day stress!

After a busy day of work and running kids, the last thing we want to hear from our people is “What’s for dinner?” Ugh! Why is it our family wants to eat every night! We need a solution to this daily stress!

We have tried to eliminate this stress with meal planning, but, life happens and we are just so busy!

We find ourself extra frazzled and grouchy trying to scrape together another meal that everyone will eat without complaining. Oh, and don’t forget a “good mom” is also supposed to serve a meal that is hearty and at least somewhat healthy. Mom guilt!

There has to be a better solution because way too often dinner often turns in to chicken nuggets, cereal, picking up pizza or hitting the drive-thru. Once again, we feel frustrated with ourselves!

Dinner was nowhere near healthy and the food budget was once again busted! Does this sound a little familiar, or does this just happen at my house?

We want an end to all this daily dinner time stress!! We just want someone to take this stress away! If you live in the Indianapolis or surrounding area in central Indiana keep reading!

The Homestead heat and serve meals via Market Wagon ends the dinner time stress.

Now with Homestead heat and serve meals we know that the “What is for dinner?” question is stress free to answer because your freezer is stocked with HOMEMADE HEARTY casseroles and soups that check off multiple food groups, so we don’t feel guilty about serving it to our family. Just heat and serve! Easy!

Oh, and an added bonus is they are kid-approved!

This is where The Homestead comes in to save the day!

The Homestead offers a variety of frozen casseroles, as well as a variety of frozen soup quarts.

Serving our family is now easy! All we have to do to get a homecooked meal on the table FAST is heat and serve! Pop it in the oven OR microwave! Our foil pans are MICROWAVE-SAFE. Let me say it again, our foil pans really are microwave safe!

In the mood for soup? Defrost a quart of soup, heat up on the stove, or pop it in the microwave…whichever option works best for we!

Oh, did I mention Homestead casseroles and soups aren’t filled with all the added preservatives and fillers we will find in most of the frozen meals at the grocery store? Win-win!

It used to be that the only way to get a Homestead frozen meal was to visit either our Remington or West Lafayette store, but not anymore!

The Homestead products are now available to the Indianapolis and surrounding areas through Market Wagon, an online farmer’s market. (first order discount code below)

We have a line-up of our customer favorite top-selling casseroles and soups available.

We also have breakfast options like Country Sausage Gravy, Frosted Cinnamon Rolls, and Buttermilk Biscuits.

To make this even better, Market Wagon, delivers RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR every Thursday!

Talk about a busy mom’s dream! Who doesn’t love grocery delivery?

Give yourself the gift of stress-free family dinners!

To order Homestead Meals through Market Wagon:

  • Go to our direct link: The Homestead on Market Wagon
  • Choose for THURSDAY delivery. (We are currently delivering on THURSDAY only)
  • Put delicious Homestead meals in your cart and check out (using the promo code below)
  • Relax stress free for your order to show up on Thursday!
  • Oh, and don’t forget to tell all your friends about how they can de-stress dinner time with Homestead meals from Market Wagon. Sharing is caring!

Right now we are offering an exclusive, limited time coupon code!

Receive $5 OFF you first order with code NEWCUSTOMER2022

Don’t dread the question, “What’s for dinner?”, anymore!

Instead, confidently pull out a frozen meal from The Homestead and happily serve your family a “homecooked” meal, FAST! If you live in the Indianapolis or surrounding area The Market Wagon will deliver The Homestead frozen meals right to your door every Thursday!


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