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Abiart Cards

Abiart Cards



You may have noticed a refreshing change in our gift shop recently: we started stocking a new brand of cards! When Leandra, Laura Jane, Mike, and Jody went to a trade show in Ohio, they discovered Abiart Creative, a business founded by Abigail Miller from Amish Country. Abi started the card line after a trip to Haiti, where she discovered the need to financially support children there. Her card line started as a fundraiser for these children, and ended up a business. Abi donates a percentage of the profits to help those children, and currently supports 35 children at a school in Passe Boi d’ormes. Abiart’s small team takes all the photos and does all the designing for their cards, and magnets. And, as you may have discovered, they are adorable! When they were first introduced to us here at the Homestead, we couldn’t take our eyes off them… they are just stunning! Not only are they beautiful cards, they are also supporting a worthy cause.

The wood display racks are produced in Amish Country, and the prints are printed locally as well. Here at Homestead, we sell mainly birthday, encouragement, thank you, wedding, anniversary, and baby cards. They are $3.99 each.

Abi Miller-Troyer, founder and designer at Abiart Creative Co



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