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A Tribute To Our Cleaners

A Tribute to our Cleaners

As you know, cleaning can be a thankless job, especially here at the Homestead. It takes about two hours to clean up the day’s messes, and one day later it’s messy again! We are incredibly thankful for the many hours our cleaners spend making this place shine, between broom-sweeping the floor, emptying trashes, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping rugs, washing windows, mopping floors, and wiping down appliances. All the work often goes unnoticed, but if it were to get forgotten, well, that would certainly get noticed right away!

Our cleaners come in at the end of the day, after almost everyone has left in order to lighten the loads of the deli workers and kitchen staff. And help them it does! A few years ago, we didn’t have cleaners and the deli workers had to stay after work every day in order to get cleaning done. It is so wonderful to have a fresh load of energy to accomplish the rather mundane but necessary tasks.

We just wanted to take a moment to salute our cleaners and thank them for the many hours they have put into serving the Homestead and its wonderful customers. They certainly do a great job keeping this place looking sharp and performing quality work that represents the Homestead well!

Our Cleaners:

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