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A Creative Way To Use Homestead’s 3-Cheese Rolls

A Creative Way to use Homestead’s 3-Cheese Rolls

I will always remember the first time I made Homestead’s 3-Cheese Rolls. Jody showed me how long to roll them out, which took up half the counter! First pesto, then the yummy cheeses, and the fun begins! It’s like rolling up a giant cinnamon roll. Slice, slice, slice… pan, pan, pan… proof, proof, proof… bake, bake, bake… Finally… the rolls are done, and there are a few extra that are not enough to package. Jody kindly lets me take them home. I arrive home and my mother Susan says, “Those look delicious! I am putting hamburgers on the grill, why don’t we use those for buns?” The rest is history!! The cheesiness, garlic, and Italian seasoning complimented the hamburgers perfectly. We now use the 3-cheese rolls as a special replacement for hamburger buns, and we think you would enjoy them too! The next time you come to visit The Homestead, ask for your very own package of 3-cheese rolls to take home and grill out for the evening!

~Written by Rochelle

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