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Find out how to raise money for your organization.

We offer five different fundraising options here, all featuring our premium homemade Homestead products. Choose from our dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, 6″ pies, cookie dough, or Homestead jams. Our competitive fundraising program offers 36-44% profit margin on our items. Let us ‘raise some dough’ for you!

Our fundraisers

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Have you been looking for the perfect fundraiser for your event? Kara, our Fundraising Coordinator, would be more than happy to assist you. If you want to learn more or want to get a fundraising campaign started, call her at her direct line listed below or send her an email.


Miscellaneous Information

The Jam Fundraiser requires a minimum 3-4 week lead time after the final order is turned in.

Other fundraisers require a minimum 2-week lead time, possibly longer during peak holiday season.

Fundraisers can be picked up at the Homestead, or delivered upon request.

If you have frozen product, please plan to distribute immediately, or have adequate freezer space available for storage. Thank you!

Plan to allow 1-2 weeks time frame for selling the product.


Meet Kara, our fundraising manager.


Kara, our Fundraising Coordinator, was born and raised in Rensselaer, Indiana. She has very fond memories of growing up in the country with her brother and sister. There was always something to do- whether it was riding the four-wheeler, working in the garden with her mom, swimming, playing basketball, etc. Kara is an Indiana girl at heart who loves her family and loves to shop! She has two daughters, Grace and Aubrie. Between church, school, and sports, they are constantly on the go.

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